Work Abroad

Explore the world and earn money at the same time with a variety of work and travel opportunities we have for you. We can help you get to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan or Hong Kong. Get everything you need from work accommodation and permit all in one place!

If you’re a NUS extra cardholder you can enjoy an exciting 10% off all Working Holiday packages! Just quote ALLIANCE10 under the ‘tell us more’ section of the assessment form and we’ll start planning your adventure straightaway.


Australia Working Holiday
Up to 12 months

Work and live in Australia for up to two years

Explore the Australian culture and lifestyle

Get your permit, secure your job and your accommodation!


Canada Working Holiday
Up to 24 months

Travel and work around Canada for two years.

Work at a ski resort, restaurant or a job that suits you best and explore the country!

Limited spots available finishes fast, so make sure you secure yours!


Japan Working Holiday
Up to 12 months

Explore Japan from a local’s point of view.

Explore and work in Japan for a year!

We can secure your permit, job and accommodation.


Hong Kong Working Holiday
Up to 12 months

Travel and work around Hong Kong for a year.

Explore Hong Kong and support yourself at the same time.

Get in touch with us to secure your papers and get exploring!

nz 1-min

New Zealand Working Holiday

Up to 23 months

Travel and work around New Zealand for two years.

Explore New Zealand’s natural beauty and have an experience of a lifetime

Get in touch with us to secure your permit, job, accommodation and start your new adventure!