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Camp Leaders Eligibility
Camp Leaders Eligibility: Your Gateway to an Exciting Summer Camp Adventure

Embarking on a summer camp journey in the United States is an incredible opportunity to explore, grow, and embark on new adventures. To be eligible for the J1 visa program in America with Camp Leaders, you’ll need to meet some basic requirements. If you have any concerns about meeting these criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance. What might seem like an obstacle could turn out to be a minor issue.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Age Requirement:You must be at least 18 years old by June 1st.
  • Availability: You should be available to depart between May 1st and June 20th.
  • Camp Duration: You must be available to commit to spending a minimum of 9 weeks at camp from your departure date.
  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English is essential, as you’ll be interacting with campers and fellow staff members.
  • Clean Background: You should have a clean criminal background.

Qualifications are not mandatory. Camps are primarily seeking international staff who are enthusiastic, open-minded, and eager to support young campers during an enjoyable summer. While qualifications are not a strict requirement, they can open up opportunities for different roles at camp, such as becoming an activity leader. If you hold qualifications in sports, creative skills, childcare, or teaching, you may find yourself hired at a camp even more quickly.


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Camp Locations
Discover Diverse American Summer Camp Locations

Wondering where our hand-picked summer camps are located across the vast expanse of America? We’ve got you covered with over 500 exceptional summer camps, and we take the time to personally visit each one to ensure they meet our high standards.

Historical Origins and Popular Camp Areas:

Summer camps originally sprung to life in the eastern states, with hotspots like New York, Pennsylvania, and Maine, and these areas still top the charts as our most popular camp locations. When you embark on your summer adventure, expect to bask in the warmth of 30-degree weather throughout the season, so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit.

California Dreaming:

Here’s a fun fact for you: We offer nearly 40 summer camps in sunny California. Whether you’re dreaming of coastal breezes or exploring the Golden State’s diverse landscapes, California has it all.

Midwestern Gems:

While you might not immediately think of states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan when imagining an American summer, these hidden gems are among the most beautiful in the US. No matter where you find yourself, you’ll stumble upon a place you may never have had the chance to visit otherwise. Prepare to forge new friendships, delve into the American wilderness, and create summer memories to cherish.

Post-Camp Adventures:

Remember, you’ll have a full month of travel after your camp experience, giving you the opportunity to explore any corner of the USA with your newfound camp friends. The adventure doesn’t end when camp does!

Matching You with Your Ideal Camp:

At Camp Leaders, we prioritize matching you with a camp that aligns with your skills and preferences, regardless of its location. To stand out to camps, be sure to complete your profile comprehensively. Include 4-6 skills and create a showcase video that truly reflects your potential.

America Awaits:

So, what are you waiting for? America is waiting to be explored, and we’re here to make your summer unforgettable. Join us on this incredible journey!

How to apply
How It Works: Your Path to an Amazing Summer Camp Experience in America

Check eligibility instead of start application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Apply Online:
  • Click the “Apply” button to create your profile and initiate your application for a summer camp adventure in America.
  • Before applying, explore the available roles at camp and check if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  1. Pay Your Deposit:
  • You don’t have to pay everything upfront. Secure your spot with a deposit.
  • Learn more about our pricing and how to make payments.
  1. Book Your Interview:
  • We’ll guide you through the next steps, answer any questions you may have, and schedule an interview.
  • The interview process is a relaxed conversation with one of our friendly National Team interviewers, all of whom have firsthand camp experience.
  • Read our interview guide to prepare effectively.
  1. Complete Your Application:
  • Fill in the various sections of your application and upload all required documents.
  • Include details about your work history, educational background, and any skills you’d like to teach at camp.
  • Your documents should encompass your police check, medical form, and references.
  • Refer to our application guide for assistance.
  1. Interview with Camp:
  • Here comes the exciting part – your interview with a camp.
  • With your application live, summer camps across America will reach out to you for interviews.
  • You can also approach camps during our Hiring Fairs.
  • These interviews will determine whether a particular camp will be your home for the summer.
  • Be prepared, professional, and, most importantly, be yourself.
  • For additional guidance, read our hiring fair guide.
  1. Get Hired:
  • The moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for – you’ve found your camp, and you’re headed to America!
  • The timeframe for this can vary, typically taking anywhere from 24 hours to 3 months.
  • On average, it takes about 31 days for participants to secure their camp placements.
  • Don’t fret if it takes longer than expected; your dream camp is out there.
  • After confirming your spot at camp, we’ll take care of the details, including flights, insurance, and other essentials.

Your summer adventure in America is just around the corner. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable experience!

Prep Days: Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for an Exciting Summer in America

Check Eligibility to embark on your American summer camp adventure from the comfort of your own home with Camp Leaders Prep Days. These virtual sessions cover everything you need to know about your upcoming summer in the USA, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the experience ahead. Whether it’s packing, travel arrangements, insurance, camp life, or post-camp travel, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log In: Simply log in to your Camp Leaders profile.
  • Watch the Videos: Dive into a series of informative videos that will guide you through the essential aspects of your summer adventure.
  • Fill in the questionnaire: After watching the videos, complete a questionnaire to ensure you’ve absorbed the key information.

It’s that easy! Once you log in to your profile, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your prep day online. Please note that we are currently finalising the prep day for 2024.

You’ll receive an email notification as soon as Prep Day goes live, and you’ll be able to complete it at your own pace.

Prep Day FAQ’s:
  1. Are the prep days mandatory?
  • Yes, completing a prep day is a mandatory component of the J1 visa programme.
  1. What are the prep days about?
  • The prep days are a crucial part of your J1 visa sponsorship. They are designed to thoroughly prepare you for your summer adventure in the USA.
  1. What if I have questions about or during the prep day?
  • First, check out the Camp Leaders Help section. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with a Camp Leaders team member via live chat or email.
  1. Are the prep days online?
  • Absolutely! We’ve made all of our prep days available online, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience.
  1. What topics will be covered?
  • The prep days will cover a range of topics, including details about your visa documentation, packing tips, arrival procedures, how the camp operates, post-camp travel, and much more.
  1. What if I haven’t been placed at a camp?
  • If you haven’t secured your camp placement yet, don’t worry. You’ll still need to complete your prep day, so go ahead and take this important step even as you continue your journey to find your summer home.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Prep Day, which will equip you with all the knowledge and resources you need for an unforgettable summer in America!

Returning to Camp: Your Next Epic Summer Adventure Awaits

Returning to summer camp isn’t just about reliving an epic experience; it’s an opportunity to enhance your adventure, save more, and continue making incredible memories. With the support of our dedicated team, let’s get you back to your home away from home.

For Returning Counselors, Here’s What You Can Expect:
  • Negotiate Your Spending Money: As a returning counsellor, you have the chance to negotiate your spending money (often referred to as pocket money) with your camp, potentially earning even more.
  • Summer Camp Placement: Secure your placement at a summer camp that you know and love.
  • Visa Sponsorship and Assistance: We’ll provide visa sponsorship and assistance to ensure a smooth journey.
  • Application Support: Count on us for comprehensive application support to streamline your return to camp.
  • Food and Accommodation Provided by Camp: Enjoy the same great benefits of food and accommodation provided by your camp.
  • 24-Hour Support in America: Our dedicated team is here for you around the clock, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Up to 90 Days of Medical Insurance: Stay covered with up to 90 days of medical insurance.
  • Up to 30 Days of Travel After Camp: Extend your adventure with up to 30 days of post-camp travel.
  • SEVIS Fee: $450 (for summer 2024)
Earn Spending Money:

Returning counsellors have the exciting opportunity to negotiate their spending money with their camp, potentially increasing their earnings.

Additional Costs:

Please note that there are some third-party fees associated with the camp experience, including:

  • Criminal Background Check: €85
  • US Visa Application (MRV) Fee: $185 USD (Paid to the US Embassy)
  • Flights to the US: Price varies

Are you ready for another epic summer in America? Check eligibility instead of start application!

Summer Camp Activities
Summer Camp Activities: Where Fun and Learning Meet

Imagine spending your summer in the picturesque countryside, surrounded by enthusiastic campers eager to learn new skills and have a blast. At summer camp, activities are the heartbeat of the experience, and we’re on the lookout for international staff who are passionate about leading and teaching these exciting pursuits.

The Joy of Camp Activities:

Without activities, summer camp would be a very quiet and strange place indeed. But fear not, because whether you’re a seasoned pro or have a hidden talent, we have the perfect summer job for you. Camps are seeking international staff members like you to lead and instruct campers in a variety of activities.

Share Your Passion:

Do you have a particular skill or hobby that you’re passionate about? Whether it’s a talent for archery, a love for arts and crafts, or a knack for sports, you can turn your passion into a rewarding summer job. Camps are the ideal place to share your expertise and inspire young minds.

Teach, Lead, and Have Fun:

As an activity leader, you’ll have the opportunity to teach campers the ropes of your chosen activity, whether it’s honing their basketball skills, guiding them in creating stunning art pieces, or helping them master the art of horseback riding. You’ll not only impart knowledge but also foster a love for learning and exploration.

Why Join Us:

Working as an activity leader at summer camp is not just a job; it’s a chance to make a positive impact on young lives. You’ll create memories that campers will cherish forever and help them develop new skills, boost their confidence, and forge lifelong friendships.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Summer:

If you’re passionate, enthusiastic, and eager to share your skills with young campers, we invite you to be a part of our international team. Your summer adventure awaits, filled with the joys of teaching, leading, and having fun. Join us at camp and make this summer one to remember!

Summer Camp Roles
Diverse Job Roles at Summer Camp: More Than Just Lifeguards

When you think of summer camp, the image of lifeguards often comes to mind, but the reality is that summer camp job roles encompass a wide range of exciting opportunities. Regardless of your background or interests, there’s a place for you at camp, whether it’s working with children, assisting special needs campers, or teaching a variety of activities. Your journey to an unforgettable summer adventure begins right here.

Working with Kids: A Rewarding Experience

One of the most popular and rewarding roles at summer camp is working directly with children. As a camp counsellor, you’ll have the chance to make a positive impact on young lives. You’ll create lasting memories, mentor campers, and guide them through a summer filled with fun activities and personal growth.

Supporting Special Needs Campers: Making a Difference

For those with a passion for inclusivity and empathy, there are opportunities to work with special needs campers. These roles require compassion, patience, and a desire to create an inclusive camp environment. You’ll help campers with diverse abilities experience the magic of summer camp while providing the necessary support and care.

Teaching a Multitude of Activities: Share Your Expertise

If you have a particular skill or hobby you’re passionate about, summer camp offers the perfect platform to share it with others. Whether it’s arts and crafts, sports, music, or outdoor adventures, you can teach campers and inspire them to explore new interests. Camps are always looking for talented individuals to lead various activities and enrich campers’ experiences.

A Summer of a Lifetime: It’s All Possible

Regardless of where you come from or the role you choose, working at a summer camp promises an unforgettable experience. You’ll be part of a vibrant, close-knit community that values teamwork, personal growth, and fun. Every day is an adventure, and you’ll have the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and memories that will stay with you forever.

Camp Counselor: Guiding the Way to Fun and Growth

Are you ready to be a role model, mentor, and friend to a group of enthusiastic campers? As a camp counsellor, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable summer experience. And the best part? No need for specific qualifications—just a passion for adventure and a love for working with children.

Your Responsibilities as a Camp Counselor:
  • Mentorship: You’ll lead a small group of campers, becoming their trusted guide throughout their summer journey. Your role is not just supervisory; it’s about nurturing their personal growth, encouraging positive interactions, and being a source of support.
  • Join the fun: At camp, you won’t be a bystander;– you’ll be an active participant in all the exciting activities on offer. Whether it’s a game of capture the flag, a creative arts and crafts session, or a hike in the great outdoors, you’ll be right there in the thick of it, sharing the joy and adventure.
Why Camp Counsellors Are Essential:

Camp counsellors are the heartbeat of the camp community. You create a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment where campers can thrive. Your positive influence and guidance help campers build confidence, develop social skills, and create lasting memories.

What Makes Camp Counselling Special:

Working as a camp counsellor isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to make a meaningful impact on young lives. It’s an opportunity to create bonds that can last a lifetime—with both campers and fellow staff members. It’s a summer of personal growth, leadership development, and endless fun.

Ready to embrace the adventure?

If you’re enthusiastic, caring, and eager to be a part of a dynamic camp community, then camp counselling is the role for you. No prior qualifications are needed; all you need is a willingness to learn and a passion for making a difference.

Join us as a camp counsellor, and get ready to be a positive role model, a trusted mentor, and a source of endless summer fun. Check eligibility instead of start application!

Types of Summer Camps: A Variety of Adventures Await

At Camp Leaders, we understand that leaders come in all forms, and so do our camps. We collaborate with a diverse range of camps all across America, offering you endless possibilities for an incredible summer experience. We want to ensure you end up at a camp where you’ll thrive, so you’ll have the opportunity to express your preferences, allowing us to match you with the perfect camp.

All our camps are either privately owned and operated or run by non-profit agencies. Many of them may also fall into multiple categories, ensuring that regardless of the camp’s management, you’ll have a summer to remember.

Types of Summer Camps in America:

Summer camps can fall under a combination of the following categories:

  • Traditional Camps: Think of classic American summer camps with wooden cabins, campfires, and activities by the lake and in the woods. These camps often have rich histories and offer a beloved summer tradition.
  • Specialist Camps: These camps focus on specific themes or activities and provide in-depth teaching, coaching, or training in those areas. Activity leaders with expertise are typically sought after for these camps.
  • Special Needs Camps: These camps are designed to be inclusive, ensuring that campers of all abilities can participate in activities. Facilities and activities are accessible to all children.
  • Faith-Based Camps: These camps revolve around instilling good values, and they may include various activities alongside discussions or prayers related to faith. Activities encompass sports, waterfront, and more.
  • Underprivileged Camps: These camps offer summer camp opportunities to children from underprivileged backgrounds, often run by non-profit agencies. They typically fall into the traditional summer camp category.
  • Rustic & Outdoor Camps: If you’re adventurous and love immersive experiences, rustic summer camps are for you. Disconnect from technology and connect with fellow campers through outdoor activities like climbing and outdoor trips.
  • Boys or Girls Camps: These camps are usually traditional camps with activities similar to regular camps. However, campers and counselors are limited to one gender, creating a unique, pressure-free atmosphere.
How Camps Operate:

Private Camps: Privately owned and operated, these camps encompass a wide range of camp types, from traditional to specialist and more. Many of them are steeped in American tradition, often still run by the original founding families.

Agency Camps: These camps, although covering the same camp types as private camps, are operated by not-for-profit groups or external agencies. They commonly include traditional, special needs, and underprivileged background camps.

Can I Choose My Camp?

While you can’t directly choose your camp, you can certainly influence your placement. Share your skills and preferences in detail, and we’ll match you with a camp that suits you. Camp Directors will provide more information about the camp before you accept an offer.

Where Are Our Camps?

Our camps are spread across all 50 states of America. Some regions have a higher concentration of camps due to historical and natural factors, such as New York State, where we have over 100 camps.

How Do We Select Camps?

Our dedicated US team has personal experience running camps and has visited each camp. We handpick our camps to ensure they align with the Camp Leaders programme, and we regularly review them based on feedback from attendees to maintain the highest standards.

Qualifications for Different Camps?

While different roles at camp may require specific qualifications, there are no overarching qualifications needed to work at different types of camps. For instance, a climbing instructor may need climbing certifications, but don’t hesitate to apply regardless of your qualifications.

Accommodation at Camps?

Facilities may vary, but all camps meet a set standard suitable for Camp Leaders’ accommodation.

Days Off at Camps?

Timetables vary by camp and role, but everyone receives a set number of days off to explore America and recharge.

Faith Requirements for Faith-Based Camps?

You don’t necessarily need to practice a specific faith to work at Jewish or Christian camps. Many faith-based camps prioritize personality and skills over religious affiliation.

Camp Attendance?

The number of camp attendees can vary widely depending on the camp’s size. You can inquire about this during your interview with the Camp Director.

Ready to make the most of your summer? Check Eligibility!

What is summer camp?
Exploring the World of Summer Camps

Summer camps are an integral part of American culture, hosting over 10 million children annually. These camps offer a unique blend of outdoor adventures, skill-building activities, and lifelong memories. But what exactly is a summer camp, and why do they need staff from across the globe? Let’s delve into this exciting world and discover how you can be a part of it.

A Summer Haven for Young Adventurers

Summer camps in the United States are more than just a break from school; they’re a haven for young explorers. These camps provide children and teenagers with a chance to immerse themselves in a world of fun, learning, and camaraderie. Campers get the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, from sports and arts to nature exploration and team-building challenges.

The Heart of Every Camp: Its Staff

At the heart of every successful summer camp are the dedicated staff members. Camp directors understand the importance of hiring individuals who bring a sense of enthusiasm, energy, and warmth to the camp community. These staff members come from diverse backgrounds, and they play a crucial role in shaping the camp experience for young participants.

Your Gateway to Adventure

This is where you come in. If you’re someone who loves adventure, enjoys working with children, and possesses a friendly and outgoing personality, then you’re the ideal candidate to join a summer camp’s staff. Camp directors actively seek individuals like you to infuse the camp environment with positivity and a zest for life.

Why become a camp staff member?

Working at a summer camp isn’t just a job; it’s a life-changing experience. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a part of the summer camp staff:

  • Create Lasting Memories: You’ll have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories for campers, whether it’s teaching them a new skill, leading exciting activities, or simply being a supportive friend.
  • Personal Growth: Camps provide an environment for personal and professional growth. You’ll develop leadership skills, improve communication, and enhance problem-solving abilities that will benefit you in various aspects of life.
  • Cultural Exchange: Summer camps often have a diverse staff, offering you a chance to learn about different cultures and establish friendships with people from around the world.
  • Embrace the Great Outdoors: If you have a passion for nature and the great outdoors, working at a camp is an ideal opportunity. You’ll get to explore beautiful natural landscapes and engage in outdoor adventures.
  • Fun and fulfilment: Few roles offer as much fun and fulfilment as working with children in a camp setting. Every day is an adventure, and you’ll be part of a close-knit community that values teamwork and camaraderie.
Join the Summer Camp Community

In conclusion, if you’re ready for a summer filled with laughter, adventure, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on young lives, consider joining the ranks of summer camp staff. Your energy, enthusiasm, and friendly demeanour can truly make a difference in a child’s summer, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the magic of summer camp. Check eligibility instead of start application!

Your Day at Camp: An Adventure Awaits

At Camp Leaders, we offer you the chance to embark on an incredible summer adventure at a classic American summer camp. From the moment you arrive in June, we’ve got your essentials covered, including food and accommodation, ensuring you have a memorable summer experience.

But what exactly does a day at camp look like? Each camp is unique, but we’ve put together a guide to give you a taste of what to expect during your time at camp.

What to Expect at Camp:

Morning (8 am – 12 pm):

  • Rise and Shine: Another sunny day begins at camp. With June to August as your stay period, sunny days will become your norm.
  • Breakfast Gathering: Everyone gathers for breakfast before heading out for the morning activity.
  • Morning Activities: Camp activities typically start at 10 am. Your specific role will determine your activities, but camp counsellors guide kids throughout the day, assisting activity leaders in teaching campers various skills.
  • Lunchtime: Around noon, it’s time for a hearty lunch.
Your camp accommodation:

Camp will soon feel like a second home as you settle in for the entire summer. Your accommodation setup depends on the camp you join. General counsellors often share a bunk with their group of campers, ensuring close supervision, while activity leaders may share a cabin with fellow counsellors, based on availability.

Afternoon (12 pm – 5 pm):
  • Lunch and Rest: After lunch, you enjoy a well-deserved rest hour, a perfect time to relax and bond with fellow counsellors.
  • More Fun: Get ready for more activities in the summer sun. Whether it’s water-based, outdoor adventures, or artistic challenges, camp offers a plethora of exciting options.
Meals at Summer Camp:

With Camp Leaders, you won’t go hungry this summer. We provide three square meals a day, along with plenty of snacks between meals.

  • Breakfast (around 8:30 am): Start your day with a hearty breakfast featuring syrupy waffles, cereal, sausages, fruit, and more. Plus, energise the kids with the camp song or breakfast chant.
  • Lunch (noon): A camper favouritelight with a wide array of options, from tacos and grilled cheese to pasta and a salad bar.
  • Dinner (around 6 pm): Fill up on classic American fare like fried chicken and gravy, slow-cooked brisket, mac and cheese, and much more.
Evening (from 5 pm):
  • Campfire Magic: As the sun sets, the camp comes alive with evening activities, including campfires, talent shows, competitions, themed dances, or off-camp trips for laser tag or bowling.
  • Sweet Dreams: Before bedtime, enjoy some milk and cookies. When it’s time for lights out, gather your campers, head back to your cabin, and rest up for another exciting day ahead.
Your Unique Camp Life:

Every camp has its own special traditions, and there are diverse roles available, so life at each camp can vary. To get a better idea of what your camp experience will be like, advance your application to the “Ready to Hire” stage. At that point, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Camp Directors who can provide all the details about what to expect before your arrival.

Make the most of your summer and do more at camp!