Ibiza Working Holiday


The Experience

Mention Ibiza to anyone and certain things will come to mind; parties, beaches and good vibes! Ibiza is one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean sea off the east coast of Spain. This beautiful island has been home to some of the biggest and best parties in the world! Ibiza is a unique and one of a kind location, it appeals to everyone from budget travellers to A-list celebrities.

With a huge variety of jobs available, there are opportunities available for everyone. If you’re enthusiastic and ready to experience the party island, let us guide you to your dream job today! It’s our job to make sure we help you in each and every way to make sure the process is as easy and stress free as possible.

Our experienced reps will assist you in finding a job in some of the Island’s top bars, restaurants, clubs and more. The most popular jobs available are: bar work, club/pr work, ticket selling, restaurant work and more.

What to expect?

The quality of life here is considered to be one of the best in Europe. The PR jobs involve exploring beaches and chatting to people from across the world. There is a wonderful carefree atmosphere on the island, and almost everyone we know who has worked one season here comes back for a second, and a third….

When can i work?

The summer period is usually the most busiest for Ibiza, so from May to September you can work as much as you would like depending on when you want to escape to the island. The peak season for Ibiza is July and August so make the most of this time, earn some money while enjoying the beautiful hot weather.

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There is very little requirements necessary for your trip, just need to double check a few things!

– Must be over 18 years old

– Must be a British or European national

– As most of the jobs are in the hospitality sector you must be an enthusiastic and confident individual with good lively energy.

– You need to be a reliable individual; arrive on time, make sure you’re in fit state to work and work hard. Employers often have many people trying to find work every day so you can be easily replaced by someone who’s more reliable and keen. Drinking on the job is common on most type of seasonal work and is acceptable, but try not to get too smashed early and struggle through the rest of your shift.

Our experienced reps will provide you with all the details you need. We have all the information on the best bars, clubs, restaurants and events. It’s our responsibility to help you every step of the way so you don’t have to stress at all, just relax and make the most of it!

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NIE Number

In order to work in Spain you will need an NIE number which will allow you to freely work in Ibiza. Our experienced reps can help you fill out the form. You can apply online or once you’re in Ibiza you can get the form from the police station. This needs to be one of your top priorities, bring your passport and you’ll be given an appointment for the next stage.

Securing Employment

There are a number of different types of jobs available which require little or no previous experience. Just let us know what you’re interested in doing and we will find all the different options which you can choose from. Our reps will be in Ibiza scouting for the best work opportunities for you and will secure these so you’re ready to work once you’ve settled in.

Arranging Accommodation for 28 Nights

Once you’ve partnered with Alliance Work and Travel, you’ll have the luxury of staying at a cool and fresh apartment for a month, Our package includes a full 28 days of accommodation in our cosy apartments which will make you feel settled in straight away. These apartments will have been found and checked thoroughly by us, making sure it’s suitable for your living needs. This is the place you will be soon be calling home whilst you work and enjoy your summer on the island. The apartments are just a short stroll away from work and bars and restaurants making it the perfect location for all your needs.

Dedicated Rep During Stay

As soon as you arrive and start your exciting journey our trusted reps will be there to greet you. Your reps will remain with you throughout your whole stay so if you have any issues you can always talk to them. The will also be there to show you to your accommodation and let you know about all the job opportunities available as well as all the exciting spots to be at on the island.

Connect with your fellow travellers and make friends!

Many of our Party Island travellers tend to travel alone so why not connect with others that will be making the same journey as you through our social media channels. Make sure to like our page on Facebook and give us a follow on twitter and Instagram!

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How much can i earn?

During the peak season you could be earning up to €100 per day, work hard and you’ll be rewarded greater. The average wage is around €50-60 per shift, alongside this you could be offered tips and commission on top, what more could you ask for? If you keep the customers happy then they’ll keep you happy, take that all into consideration you wont have to sweat the small stuff.

How do i find a job?

Tired of constantly filling out CVs without proper guidance? No problem! When you partner with Alliance visas, worrying about getting a job is our responsibility, that’s right! We handle all of the legwork whilst you relax. As long as you’re enthusiastic and motivated to work, our team of highly experienced reps will easily ensure that you not only enjoy your time abroad, but also get the job of your dreams.

Types of jobs available

We make the process easy and simple for you by scouting out all the job opportunities so once you get there you are already sorted! Our experienced reps will be there to guide you and introduce you to some of the island’s top bars, clubs, restaurants and more! These are the most common opportunities available on the island:

Bar Work – Serving beer and cocktails in some of the best bars and clubs in the resort.

Restaurant Work – Waiter/waitress or kitchen work.

Club/PR work – Approaching tourists and persuading them with deals to get them into the clubs.

Ticket selling – Sell tickets to tourists for events such as bar crawls, DJ’s and booze cruises.

Shot selling – Approaching tourists and offering them drink deals to get them into the clubs.

DJ – Working as a DJ in some of the resorts best clubs.

Skilled jobs – Including security, photography, fire breathing and face/body painting.

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