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Have you ever thought to work and travel to Canada? The Canadian working holiday visa allows you to do exactly that for up to two years. The IEC working holiday visa is a great opportunity to dive deep into the Canadian culture and start an adventure in a whole new environment.

The IEC visa will allow you to live and work anywhere in Canada. More then a dozen cities in Canada have a population of a quarter of a million or more, providing endless opportunities for international workers. If you prefer the more quieter and simple easy going life then there is also plenty of opportunities in the rural areas of Canada too.

The visa works on a quota system, which means there are a limited amount of visas available for British nationals. Make sure you apply as soon as possible in order for you to secure your visa! It takes about 3-6 months to process the visa and once the visa has been issued, you can enter Canada anytime up to a year from then, and the two years visa will only start counting from the time you enter Canada.

Once the visa has been processed we will also help you with finding your desired job and also booking you your accommodation.

No dependants are allowed on IEC working Holiday Visa. However, if you have a partner or a spouse who do qualify for the visa, they can apply for one as well.

If you would like to ask any more questions then feel free to get in contact with us and let’s get you to Canada!


In order to obtain IEC Working Holiday Visa, you need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen of and hold a passport for an eligible country
  • Be between the age of 18-35. (Varies depending on nationality)
  • Have no criminal records and serious medical conditions
  • Possess a valid private health insurance and have enough funds for the intended stay


You can do any type of work you desire when you are on an IEC Working Holiday Visa. However you may need to undertake a medical exam to get a work permit in particular industries. This will be required if you wish to work in a job where it is important to protect public health such as health services, child care, agricultural work an primary or secondary education.

There are a number of different job opportunities scattered throughout the cities and the rural areas too. The type of job that you take on whilst you are living and working in Canada will depend on yourself, you may take on any job that you desire or have experience in.

Basing yourself in the city will allow you to work in standard working roles in restaurants, cafes’, bars and shops. Although these jobs do require some experience it’s not necessary that you need extensive experience and sometimes you may be able to get away with learning ‘on the job’.

Working in the city is a great way to meet people and socialise however if you are the type that enjoys peace and quiet you may want to try something different. Why not head out to the more rural areas where you’ll feel relaxed and be amongst a close knit regional community. Organic farms need fruit pickers and with Canada being the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world there’s plenty of jobs that need to be filled in to keep up with the $106 billion the sector contributes to the Canadian economy

The possibilities are endless! Complete our assignment and we will contact you with more details.

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Alliance Work & Travel Package

  • Processing Visa and Work permit
  • The Canada working visa works on a pool invitation system and we will enter you into the pool and apply for the visa on your behalf.

  • Securing employment
  • We will find you employment in any sector you wish to work in. We do recommend you have some previous work experience in the industry you wish to work in. We have established good solid connections with various employers across the whole of Canada so you can trust we will find you a job in which you are stable and comfortable.

  • Arranging accommodation
  • Depending on whether you’re going alone or with other dependants we will find the best type of accommodation that will suit all your needs.

  • Bank Account Opening
  • We make the whole process easy and stress free for you by opening your bank account so it’s ready for your first pay check to come through.

  • Tax Back saving you hundreds of $$$
  • We will help you claim your tax back saving you on hundreds and keeping your finances in check.

  • Free Canadian Sim card before you travel
  • Before you set of on your new adventure we will supply you with a free Canadian sim card so you can start using your phone as soon as you land in Canada.

  • Dedicated Visa specialist & travel advisor
  • Our experiences travel advisors will be available at all times should you have any problems or questions. We are happy to help and assist you every step of the way to Canada and beyond.

  • Option of choosing from one of our group flights
  • If you are travelling alone and would much rather travel with a group of other travellers who are off to Canada too then just let us know and we’ll put you all together so you feel more comfortable.

  • Connect with our fellow travellers and make friends!
  • Connect with all other travellers through our social media platforms. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the name Alliance visas!


At Alliance Work & Travel we always listen to our clients. Here are some recent reviews from them.

– Caroline

January 2018

Alliance Work & Travel is a very informative website. I found answers to all the questions and concerns I’ve had. The application process was simple and easy, too. The company provides instructions on every stage through either email or phone.

It took a few months of wait until I got my visa, but it was stress-free and definitely worth it.

– Elizabeth Morrey

November 2017

Alliance Work & Travel have been great dealing with my application. When I wanted to try to apply myself, I was confused about all the documents I needed. With the help of everyone att he agency, I got my visa and am about to book my flights!

– Jonathan Marriot

July 2017

Alliance Work & Travel helped me resolve any issues I had through my application process. I am very happy with the outcome and can’t wait to go to Canada. They even offered me to help with the job once I get there. Big thanks to everyone.

– Eva

February 2017

Received my visa very fast and the application process was stress-free.

– Monica Smith

December 2016

The staff was amazing through the entire application process. They were always able to answer any of my questions and help me through each stage when I was getting my visa. I now have my work permit to Canada and can’t wait to travel there with my fiance. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

– Emma

September 2016

had a great experience with Alliance Work & Travel. Spoke to a man named Sean and he was able to answer all of my questions and talked me through the entire application process. I got my letter of invitation less than a month after being out in the pool and I am now exploring Canada. Thank you, guys!

– Kate Jones

June 2016

After a lot of thinking, my husband and I decided to have Alliance Work & Travel help us with our visas to Australia. The service was great – they helped us finding accommodation and offered to help with job search. We got our visas fast, too. Definitely would recommend them.

– Jeremy Eades

April 2016

Big thanks to Ashley from Alliance Work & Travel who helped me get my working holiday visa to Canada.

– David Brown

March 2016

Thank you Alliance Work & Travel for making my application process easy and stress-free. I feel like without their help, I would not have been able to apply for my visa successfully. They helped me with the documents and gave me all the information I needed!

– Julianne

January 2016

We contacted Alliance Work & Travel in regards to getting visas to Canada. The service was very nice, the staff was patient and happy to help, they responded to all of our queries.