Travel the world and give back to the community with our volunteering programmes. You can travel to expand your cultural knowledge and understand the struggles of people from different countries better. Get inspired and make the world better with the various volunteering programmes, which you can pick depending on your availability.

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Due to such reasons as harsh weather conditions, poverty, and unstable social environment, there are children in kenya that are neglected and need your help. You can volunteer to organise workshops and games for them, as well as help out with homework and chores. You can sign up for both long- and short-term programmes in order to both help those in need and expand your cultural horizons.

In addition, Kenya is also in need of medical, agriculture, construction, and structural/civil engineer specialists at the moment. If you have the skills needed and want to contribute to bettering life in Kenya, apply to contribute your time and effort and help those who need it the most.

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Children in Bali currently need English teachers. Make an impact and inspire youth by sharing your knowledge with them. If you don’t have the teaching experience, you will be provided with it prior to the start of your volunteering.

You can apply for a short-term volunteering programme to both help out the community and explore Bali. Walk around the island and learn more about it in your spare time as well.

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Help people in Thailand on either long or short term volunteering programme, as well as explore the country’s hundreds of tropical islands and variety of attractions. At the moment, there are medical specialists needed in Thailand, however you can still inquire about different programmes to find out if there are other skills needed.

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